Retreat from Apologies


Next Step #583: The promise for Peace in the aftermath of Dayton and El Paso, possible? Placing apologetics to the side as Fr Vazken takes the Armodox approach to faith and understanding: The audacity to proclaim Peace. Escapism via drugs, alcohol, music and religion. Netflix and the First World. The wall that caught the bullet: Beyond a belief in a Superman God. When the “Enough” moment hits: A call to action. Accepting responsibility to “Do It”: The Christian invitation. Halo Trust and the landmines in Artsakh – a gathering which answers the call.
Cat Stevens/Yousef 
Halo Trust in Karabagh
Halo Event – August 2019 for Maratuk
Next Step #40 (2009)
Chaldean bishop to Pope Francis, on the Martyr Church
BBC on Velvet Revolution
Cover: Sunset over Dayton by Fr. Vazken 2015
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
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