Motivational Speaker

Need to motivate a group? Employees? Students? Whether for a school, company or group, Fr. Vazken puts together an exciting and stimulating presentation that’s sure to fire-up the crowd. Interweaving facts, history and personal stories, Fr. Vazken can make your event a memorable one. He connects the dots between the spiritual, emotional and physical worlds and leaves the audience asking for more. His speaking skills have caught the attention young and old, conservative and liberal, theists and atheists, scientists and economists, the bold and the frail. His unique style of incorporating daily struggles into his presentation make him one of the most sought-after keynote presenters.

Having Fr. Vazken keynote your next commencement exercise, annual gathering or event will insure a positive and lasting impression on your guests.

We want a spiritual message but our group is made up of people from different religious traditions. Will Fr. Vazken proselytize through his message?

We work with the client to provide a program that includes exercises, for the most part these are extended over a period of time. An initial team building exercise will be followed up with an analysis of the dynamics and players. Subsequent exercises will be scheduled usually in a one to two week time period.

To what extent do the cultural attributes of Armenians play into his talk? Does the crowd he addresses have to be Armenian to “get it”?

Fr. Vazken is a story-teller. In his speeches, Fr. Vazken draws from stories and real life situations, sometimes from Armenian history, but all the time within the context of the present day. Most of his public speaking engagements are to audiences that come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds who applaud his message with enthusiasm.

In picking out a keynote speaker for our event we have many options, why should we invite an Armenian priest?

Armodoxy is one of the most ancient of all spiritual traditions. The message therein has yet to be discovered by world, particularly in the West. As a priest, Fr. Vazken is about the celebration of life. You’ll find his message new and refreshing. It’s like none other you’ve heard.

What is the cancellation policy?

After the initial consultation, a non-refundable security deposit is made to In His Shoes. The following amounts are due and payable according to this schedule and are forfeited in the event the client cancels the speaking engagement:

  • After initial consultation: 20% of speaker fees
  • When Fr. Vazken’s name is used to publicize event: 100% of speaker fees