First Risks


Next Step #597: Being the first brings risks and loneliness. Following up on last week’s up-close-and-personal look, Fr. Vazken focuses on his patron saint. A look at St. Andrew the Disciples who followed Jesus: Lessons on bravery and power. Holy Andranik? More than a general? See if you get it. Don’t need anyone to validate reality. Today: Relinquishing reality to the politicians is the riskiest of all business, but we never learn. Dents on cars: a good sign?
Switched on Bach, Wendy Carlos
Moog Synthesizer
Andrew’s Call: John 1:35-42
Humility & St. Andrew (Sermons from Glendale 2011)
Cover: St. Andrew at Sushi, Artsakh Fr. Vazken 2019
Engineered by Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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