Standing… Walking… Running… In His Shoes … Message from Fr. Vazken:

Welcome to the In His Shoes website. On September 25, 2022, we began expanding our ministry with an additional website to distribute all of our digital content. Meanwhile, the In His Shoes website is transitioning to focus primarily on our outreach activity. We appreciate your patience and support as we transition to multiple website operations. Meanwhile, we invite you to where you’ll find the latest podcasts, daily messages and services.  
With blessings… Fr. Vazken

A word about donations:

Donations made to In His Shoes and are being accepted on both sites. Kindly designate the intention of your donation by using the drop-down menu.
“In lieu of flowers” donations are being accepted in memory of the following (for December 2022-January 2023):

  • Harout Papiran (1934-2023)
  • Fred Darian (1927-2022)
  • Jeanette Sahagian Davis (1931-2022)
  • Suren Guzelmoray (1926-2022)
  • Charles Boranian (1955-2022)

From our archives: In His Shoes – 2021 Annual Report