The Focus of Change


Next Step #437: The relativity of measuring change: finding a standard. Fr. Vazken develops a theory of change in direct propotion to the amount of time by which it is measured. Jethro Tull the Rock Opera and the agriculturalist – 45+ years later. Dealing and struggling with the phenomena of the “anti-vote.” Trump/Clinton and the lessons for religion and atheism –  Early pay-TV and the parking meter.
Ara Chakhlasyan “Dhol Armenian Drum”
Conference: Embracing Our Faith in a Changing World
Conference Save the Date
Jethro Tull:
Armenian Bible printing at 350
Time Magazine, “The Truth is Out There
Atheism 2.0
Cover photo Smiling Lawn by Fr. Vazken 2005
Engineered by Ken Nalik
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