Team-Building Events

While variety is the spice of life, we know that too many cooks spoil the broth. All chiefs and no Indians is the expression used when you’re completely frustrated with moving the organization forward.

Fr. Vazken brings over three-decades of team building skills to your organization. He teaches how each individual can become a power-player in the organization while being respectful of the talents and contributions of others.

Here is an opportunity to watch an organization grow. Fr. Vazken can plant the seeds, water the plant and help prune the fruits of your labor. He consults with the organization, so that team-building is more than an event, but an on-going process in your organization. Most important in his teaching and team-building activities is the understanding of individual responsibility in making the organization stand-out in excellence.

Team building involves interviews with the participants, workshops, discussions and providing analysis to management.

How can an Armenian priest build my team?

Armenians have lived among some of the most hostile people, having endured countless atrocities. The basic secret of their survival is found in the rich spiritual traditions and customs they claim. These secrets are brought to forum during Fr. Vazken’s team building exercises in a manner that binds together the most diverse group of people.

Will In His Shoes provide the material and handouts for the participants?

Yes. All the material necessary for the team-building exercises are provided by In His Shoes.

How long is the team building exercise?

We work with the client to provide a program that includes exercises, for the most part these are extended over a period of time. An initial team building exercise will be followed up with an analysis of the dynamics and players. Subsequent exercises will be scheduled usually in a one to two week time period.

Can the sessions be consolidated into one day?

Yes, provided a one-day session can meet the goals of the client. We find that during the course of a day, a few exercises can be executed; therefore, multi-sessions may include days where there are multiple exercises.

What if we decide that we wish to discontinue any further exercises after the first or second session.

The team-building contract is divided up by sessions. While you may decide to cancel subsequent sessions, please remember that after the second analysis of dynamics and players the program is set with options for only minor adjustments, therefore the following schedule of payments is in effect:

  • Initial consultation: 20% of total fees
  • First team building exercise: 50% of total fees
  • First analysis: 75% of total fees
  • Second team building exercise: 100% of total fees