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Parish Priest’s Message from the “Key” Newsletter – 5 February 2012
This weekend we remember St. Sarkis, in special commemoration. Our Catholicos has named St. Sarkis as the patron saint of youth.
This famous saint was a captain in the Roman army during the fourth century. When Julian the Apostate became emperor of Rome in 361 AD, he began persecuting Christians. Sarkis and his son Mardiros found refuge in Armenia under the King Tiran. He went on to serve in the Persian army and make many converts to Christianity. But in Persia also, the tide was against him. When he refused worship the gods of the Persian, he was killed along with his son. When 14 of his soldiers tried to bury him, they were also killed for their faith.
Today, as we recount the story of St. Sarkis, we have to lift it beyond a mere lesson in history. The is a story of convictions and beliefs. In fact, today, Christians are being persecuted daily for their beliefs. We may not see the swords of the Romans or the Persians, but the weapons that strike us are just as deadly. We are tempted by materialism, swayed by a general attitude of indifference toward others and find death through our contempt for Christ’s call to Love.
I ask that we take the call of our Catholicos to heart. St. Sarkis gives us an example of conviction, of faith, of discipline and true strength. In a world that teaches otherwise, this saint of the Armenian Church is so wel-come, not only in the lives of our youth but in all of our lives. Keep St. Sarkis alive always in your heart and in your deeds.—Fr. Vazken
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*The “Key” is the weekly newsletter of the St. Peter Armenian Church, Glendale, CA – Jesus asked the Disciples, “Who do YOU say that I am?”  Peter responded “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Jesus promised the Keys to the Kingdom for this profession of faith. (Mt 16)  At the St. Peter, Glendale Parish, our faith and actions are based on that same profession of faith. It is the Key that opens the doors to our journey as Christians…

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