Sacramental Mothering: A New Understanding of the Oldest Parent


Next Step #49: Forget the clichés. Forget motherhood and apple pie? In this post-Mothers’ Day tribute, Fr. Vazken doesn’t fill the Hallmark prescription for the day, instead he reveals a new understanding of the sacraments. Is it a roadmap for parenting? Definitely, it is a means of living in the orthodox tradition. “Sacramental Mothering” is yet another key to Armenian orthodoxy as it continues to pave the road for spiritual wholeness. This episode is must-listen in the continuing evolution of the oldest faith tradition.
Remembrance of Vahagn Setian
Featured song: “Panama Freighter” by Ian Anderson in honor of Jethro Tull’s performance in Armenia.
Ani’s Bubbles: Three Guests for Dinner


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