Retreat Planning

RE-Create and Re-Treat

Recreation is about re-creating yourself. Retreats are perfect places to engage in the recreation process. Retreats remove the individual, team members, company employees from the usual day-to-day grind and offer a new vantage point from which to view self, work and mission.

Planning a productive retreat that stimulates and motivates individuals requires more than a selection of a site and planning meals. Content that is mission-driven and goal oriented is what makes Fr. Vazken’s retreats successful. Bringing three decades of retreat planning experience to the table, Fr. Vazken has organized and implemented retreats for a wide variety of groups and individuals. From youth groups to college-students, from singles to married couples, from mid-life-crisisers to seniors, Fr. Vazken makes the retreat an opportunity for spiritual and intellectual growth. Individual, small or large groups, Fr. Vazken can create and articulate a plan that’s right for you. Natural setting retreats – beach, mountains, desert – provide the conducive atmosphere to make your retreat a success.

Retreat planning services are as follows:

  • Individual (2 day minimum) – The individual is given a course of instruction in spirituality, confidence building along with purpose and motivation exploration. This is one-on-one instruction and time with Fr. Vazken.
  • Family – Finding harmony within the family. This is an excellent opportunity for young families that are concerned about keeping it all together in a world that’s falling apart. Instruction and counseling in family dynamics, exploring purpose, communication skills, responsibility as well as rights.
  • Groups (20-30 people; day retreats available; suggest 2-3 days) – Team building with respect to individual styles and personalities. Discussions, exploration and meditative time are the hallmarks of these retreats.
  • Larger groups (30-300 people; day retreats available; suggest 2-3 days) – Finding commonality, tolerance and respect in large groups is essential for the proper and productive functioning of any organization. Large group retreats give opportunities for discussion and inter-member exploration of ideas and challenges. The program includes a variety of interactive solutions to grow as individuals and as a group.

Each retreat is custom-designed to meet the needs of the client. Pricing for services depends on the nature and purpose of the retreat; number of participants; number of days and travel time. Each retreat is custom tailored to the needs of the organizers and participants. In most cases, instructional material is part of the curriculum. In His Shoes provides all curriculum-related material.

To what extent will I (my organization) be involved in the planning of the retreat?

It all depends on which package is ordered. At the initial consultation Fr. Vazken will find your needs and provide different options in planning the event.

Can I (my organization) supplement Fr. Vazken’s program with speakers and presentations?

Yes. A custom tailored retreat can incorporate speakers and presentations that flow with the natural uniformity and design of the retreat. These options are discussed at the initial consultation.

Most of our group will be averse to “roughing it.” Can a retreat be planned and executed in a hotel or resort?

Absolutely. Amenities offered by resort and hotel locations allow us to focus all of our resources on content development. Locale is completely dependent on the needs of the client.

What is the cancellation policy?

After the initial consultation, a non-refundable security deposit is made to In His Shoes. The following amounts are due and payable according to this schedule and are forfeited in the event the client cancels the retreat:

  • After initial consultation: 20% of the cost of the retreat
  • One month prior the start of retreat: 50% of the cost of the retreat
  • One week prior the start of the retreat: 100% of the cost of the retreat

In the event of cancellation during the last week (when 100% of the cost of the retreat is paid) all plans and produced & printed material will be turned over to the client.


We have several “RETREAT MODELS” for which we can plan your specific retreat around.  Below are brief descriptions of these models, and depending on your organizations’ needs, we will work with you on the best method for implementing and executing a productive retreat program.

  • Retreat plan only – custom tailored to your needs and specifications. You implement with your staff.
  • Retreat plan and implementation – Fr. Vazken plans and implements all programming for the retreat. Client handles all logistical considerations: place, rooms, meals, etc.
  • Full Package Retreat – Fr. Vazken and his staff put together the entire retreat with programs, activities along with selection of site and logistical considerations.
  • Armenia Retreat – The Ultimate Retreat package – two weeks in the Cradle of Civilization, visiting, exchanging ideas and mediating in some of the most sacred spaces made on the planet. (Season discounts available)