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Next Step #349: The convergence of events on the calendar – astronomical and otherwise – Vartanantz, Ghevontyans, Diaruntarach, Paregentan, Lent and the 100th Anniversary of Genocide –  all come together this year and for this edition of the Next Step. Fr. Vazken shares some personal reflections and primes us for the Lenten Season.
Song “Norahrash” by Louys Vocal Quintet
The Moral Arc
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  1. Hi Fr. Vazken,

    I want to thank you for the last several podcasts. They have helped me to see in a new light something that has troubled me for the past several years. This February 14th was the 10th anniversary of my brother’s death– one of the worst days of my life.
    February 13th, is my son’s birthday, the happiest day of my life bar none. Five years to the date of my brother’s passing, I was in the hospital with my newborn son Alek, who carries the name of the uncle he has never met.
    I’ve often thought about how this has worked out. Chance? Blessing?
    As you said, or Einstein, God doesn’t play dice with the universe. But why this date, the 13th? He was supposed to be born on the 15th, why earlier?
    In my head, I wanted the sadness first, then the happy day. As in something to look forward to, the happy ending in an orderly fashion.
    But then, I learned about Diarntarach, Candlemas and started to see something different. Light always precedes darkness. I have a choice as to where the beginning is and where the ending. Night comes only after the day has arisen. And yes, it will never be easy for me on Feb.14th, but I know that right before this sadness, something ineffable happened. The beauty was always meant to prepare me for the darkness.

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