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Next Step #648: A time portal is opened to reveal a tsunami that was once the reason for Armenian benevolence. How doing unto others is a model for saving a nation. As War in Artsakh, and increased talk of inhumane atrocities and the existential threat, here is some direction toward self reliance and finding a place in the resistance effort. No doubt Tirdat saw something powerful here.
Invitation to a Revolution: Fr. Vazken’s 11/1/2020 sermon
UWLA Panel on Artsakh 10/30/20
Window II.2, International Clergy Conference 1991
Tsunami Relief 2004 Poster – In His Shoes
Early days of SAIN 
WD168 This week 
Prunus Armeniaca 
Anahit Goudsouzian
Cover: Monastic lookout 2014 Fr. Vazken
Engineered by Ken Nalik
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