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Next Step #372: The forgotten name of Jesus and the forgotten message of love. Ezekiel and the forgotten “Sin of Sodom.” More on same-sex marriage as well as on the His Holiness project – from the caveman who saw the first lightening strike and the loss of his love to today. The “Universal Network” of politics, economics, religion, psychology, biology, philosophy and art – the challenge to connect the dots. The message of the angels.
“Tsitsernak” by Arax
ACT #10x on Same Sex Marriage
Dr. Harry Hagopian’s blog
Universal Network
Torkom Saraydarian “Symphony of the Sunset”
Lacy Park Statue
Ezekiel 16:49
Picture: “Imagine Below the Horizon” by Fr. Vazken Movsesian
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  1. Anna Harmandarian on

    Perturbation Effect
    I first learned of this term while reading about the killing of Cecil the lion. The term describes what happens in a pride after the death of its leader. His cubs are killed by his successor and there is social reordering.
    I though of this during the podcast and the discussion of gay marriage. Here’s the thing. Every act of judgement and exusion has its own perturbation effect. So, let’s take one gay person. This person likely has friends and family who love him or her. His or her mother will likely feel the effects of whatever pain we inflict on them. Our act of judgment isn’t limited to this one person to whom we say–“No, you are choosing to be different, you can’t be married!!”
    Basically, are we willing to carry the full weight of the perturbation effect and willingly cause pain to so many unintended targets? How can we be sure that some day, if not we, then someone we love will be such a target. Would not any parent carry, happily, the pain caused to their child? Would not any of us do these for someone we love?
    How then can we so callously throw our judgements around?

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