IHS Seminars/Retreats

Our Philosophy

In His Shoes is a teaching philosophy as much as a movement to bring peace. The words “In His Shoes” imply feeling the pain and suffering of others by walking in their shoes. True love comes with understanding and there is no better way of understanding the plight and suffering of another human being than when we walk in their shoes.

Education of the fundamental tenants of Armodoxy, love, peace, harmony and the In His Shoes philosophy is essential for the full experience of In His Shoes. To this end, we provide regular retreats and seminars as well as a vast library of video and audio archives. Epostle.net is the voice of the In His Shoes movement. Here, the mystical teachings inherent in Armodoxy are expounded via seminars, videos and audio broadcasts.

  • The Martin Luther King Jr. Retreat – held annually in January, where the teachings of the slain civil rights leader are used to initiate dialog about non-violent change on a personal level with global applications. Themes of justice and peace are explored in a retreat setting.
  • Forgiveness Conference. Established in 2005, with the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, In His Shoes put forth the challenge of forgiveness as expressed by Jesus, “Forgive not just seven times, but seven times seventy-seven times.” The 7×77 was later codified on July 7, 2007 with the first multi-tradition and discipline conference on forgiveness organized by In His Shoes. The website 7×77.org documents this historic gathering. An annual gathering to reinforce this message of harmony is part of the In His Shoes programming.
  • Net broadcasts are weekly shows streamed over the internet that bring the message of faith, hope and love, as expressed through the ancient teachings of Armodoxy, to the world. The shows have large following and are heard and seen on five continents. All of these shows exist in the extensive archives of In His Shoes.
    • Next Step with Fr. Vazken (audio) – now in the seventh year of broadcast is a weekly show that applies Armodoxy to current events. The show is riddled with humor, but consists of straight talk about responsibility, ethics and finding harmony.
    • Sermons (audio) – these are teachings of the ancient Armenian Church for today, spoken in the Armenian and English languages.
    • In Step with Christ (video) – a series of presentations about walking “In His Shoes.” Sometimes referred to as “Applied Christianity” this show spanned the course of two years and exists in archived form. Armodoxy YouTube Channel
    • Armenian Christianity Today (video) – currently in production, this show takes applies Christianity to world situations and individual crises. Armodoxy YouTube Channel
    • Lenten Journey (audio) – a series of meditations for the individual. There are 40 meditation in all, They consist of a thought for the times, along with lessons on applying love and forgiveness to life.
    • Lessons on Healing (audio) – a series of meditation on spiritual healing, from the illnesses that prevent us from maximizing our potential to the diseases that plague our collective reality, these shows present step-by-step means for healing.
    • Inside the Pomegranate (audio) – a series of written and verbalized podcasts that are topic driven, mainly about the plight of the suffering in the world, interspersed with first-hand experiences.
    • Armodoxy Blog (written) – personal reflections of In His Shoes in action