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The Next Step is a weekly podcast on spirituality. It began in 2008 and continues be published every Thursday.

Epostle NS468_cover

Next Step #468: The Ascension Edition: About the celebration of fortune telling – The tragedy…

Epostle NS466_cover

Next Step #466: Find those who need God and you can find those who don’t.…

Epostle NS465_cover

Next Step #465: The Message of the Cross is not an easy one, but a…

Epostle NS464_cover

Next Step #464: Post Genocide-Commemoration analysis. Need material? Just listen to the rhetoric and react.…

Epostle NS463_cover

Next Step #463: Pre-opening thoughts on “The Promise.” Easter in Portland Oregon. The Supervisors of…

Epostle NS460_cover

Next Step #460: Interview with Yvette Hovsepian Bearce, regarding refugees, faith, Christian duties/responsibilities and faith…

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