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The Next Step is a weekly podcast on spirituality. It began in 2008 and continues be published every Thursday.

Epostle NS476_cover

Next Step #476: Liturgy for OCD, aids for hearing loss and faithfulness for the stroke,…

Epostle NS474_cover

Next Step #474: Stories of Forgiveness: Leticia Aguirre talks about forgiving the boys that killed…

Epostle NS472_cover

Next Step #472: Celebrating our 9th Anniversary of podcasting. The Beatles’ Revolution #9 – prelude…

Epostle NS469_cover

Next Step #469: Picking up on Sheryl Sandberg’s reflections on Life after Death (Time Magazine)…

Epostle NS468_cover

Next Step #468: The Ascension Edition: About the celebration of fortune telling – The tragedy…

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