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The Next Step is a weekly podcast on spirituality. It began in 2008 and continues be published every Thursday.

Epostle ns437_cover

Next Step #437: The relativity of measuring change: finding a standard. Fr. Vazken develops a…

Epostle ns436_cover

Next Step #436: Whether you bite into an enchiladas or Armodoxy, take the time to…

Epostle ns435_cover

Next Step #435: It takes time to digest, whether food or ideas, but eventually the…

Epostle ns434-cover

Next Step #434: A conversation with Fr. Stepanos Doudoukjian about his upcoming Springsteen Retreat and…

Epostle ns433-cover

Next Step #433: Remember when voting was sacred? What’s happened to the sacredness of self-determination?…

Epostle ns432-cover

Next Step #432: Interview with Tigranna Zakaryan on the road to Uganda, talks about working in…

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