Beyond the Ojakh (Ojax)


9/9/9 We did it!

We “turned the devil over“! Not sure how far, but at least we had some fun doing it.

Last night, with the people, we took another step toward a virtual Armenian Church with our first STREAMING Bible Study. We had quite a few viewers. From first indications it seems like they were from the U.S. – I guess because of the time zone issues. Chicago and San Francisco were two of the big cities that joined our group in Glendale. We had a FANTASTIC turn out locally – and everyone seemed very engaged in the discussion.

AFTER the show was over, we found a LONG list of comments and chats. We’re new at this, but hopefully, by next time we’ll be able to aswer some of these questions and comments in real time.

The 9/9/9 Bible Study has been archived on the epostle site – via the Ustream site. My sincere thanks to Suzie Shatarevyan who produced the show and essentially made it happen. It’s been a stressed-filled few weeks just getting to this milestone, but well worth it. We have submitted plans for a permanent electronic ministry and this was a necessary next step (building on the NEXT STEP). And I can’t let the moment go without thanking all the regular Bible Study members for their prayers and constant support of the steady stream of steps we’ve been taking.

I saw an image the other day, of the iconic 1950’s family – huddled around the TV and watching media provided to them by the networks. It was all branded – regulated, measured and provided. Today, we create our own brands. It’s NOT uncommon – think about it in your own home – to have a TV turned-on in the background, while each member of the family is engaged in his/her own world on a video screen on his/her lap.

In the Armenian language, one of the words we use for “family” is “Ojakh.” The word means “stove” but its easy to extrapolate its other meaning – it was the central huddle-area for the family. It gave heat and an opportunity for the family to converse and discuss. Also, a distance from the town, a count of the smokestacks would be a mini-census for an surveyor. The television set was the ojakh of the last century and the TV antennae on each house were the tally devises.

Our ojakh-s are of a different sort these days. Time evolves and history continues to be written. These are exciting times. Its an opportunity to bring together, to grow and love.

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