Barking at Caravans


Next Step #231: Extending the concept of “undanik” to “under heaven” in understanding the family of God (Storm Sandy and walking In His Shoes). Fr. Vazken explains that Matthew 12:46-50 is not a lesson in biology as rude as it may seem. Extending Christian values and Church to Genocides and wars in Darfur and Syria as well as the death in our own backyards via In His Shoes. The Obama Victory: The silly-willy Armenian politics that bark at the caravan. “As for me,” says Fr. Vazken, “I was there with Obama – no brag, just fact.” Youth and the Church – the problem beyond Armenian Church. More on the crimes of the priest who was defrocked. Grandpa & FDR Democrats/Grandma’ baklava for James Roosevelt – it was her thanks for the last station of the caravan.
Sermon: “Politics, God & the Kingdom”  
Song: “Caravan” by Armen Chamakian 
Obama’s Acceptance Speech
Sun Sash:

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