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Next Step #344: It’s the Centennial of Armodoxy that celebrated out of the horrors of Genocide. A look at religion, terrorism, dignity and satire in the aftermath of the Paris killings. The transition of Jesus from good teacher to savior: The Arabic Gospel of Infancy – Jesus and the children/goats; Apocryphal writings and faith beyond religion. And now the 100 Soles In His Shoes: A Christmas Message for the New Year.
Song: “Mary did you Know?” by Pentatonix
Paris Shooting
In His Shoes
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  1. Fr. Vazken, I would love to be involved with Syrian Relief. Also, if there is any interfaith effort of outreach and peace, please count me in. I am really tired of this “us and them” thing that fuels everyday brutality. I just wish someone would stand in front of all the tanks like the guy in Tiannenmen. I have Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and atheist friends and family. If we can manage to share a meal, laugh and not kill each other then there just has to be a way to project this to a larger scale. It has to start somewhere.

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